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MWC believes that the key to integration is to provide a platform for both Singapore citizens and migrant workers to create mutual understanding. To foster a global mindset in our citizens, it is important to start young. Thus, MWC welcomes the partnership with schools and students to co-create outreach / projects for the migrant workers' community. This would give students and migrant workers an opportunity to foster friendship bonds and to understand each other better. Furthermore, the students’ youthful energy and enthusiasm will put a smile to our migrant brothers’ faces.


Through this partnership, students will understand the work of MWC and MWC’s contribution in championing fair employment practices. Also, interacting with the migrant brothers’ students will debunk the common misconception about migrant workers. Lastly, a social support network can be formed through this outreach. These activities allow students to contribute meaningfully to the community nurturing them into socially responsible citizens.


Schools or students that are interested in collaborating with MWC can email us at

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